Quality, Safety, Hygiene and Environment

STB, since it´s foundation, has assumed as basic and essential the factors for competitiveness and entrepreneurial excellence through the continuous improvement of professional, technical and human aspects.

In accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, STB aims:

 •   To be an organisation with a simplified, efficient and certified system of quality Management.

 •   To improve constantly it´s services with the objective of providing total satisfaction for the customer.

 •   To develop it´s activities and processes guided by the demands of the market and with a constant improvement of it´s performance.

 •   To be recognized in the market as a specialised company in these areas.

 •   To respect existing legislation, normative and sectorial requirements.

It therefore establishes a commitment to practice it´s activity in a context of a balanced sustainable development, in order to establish and maintain a high standard of Safety and Health measures at Work, and of Environmental Responsibility.

"Continuous improvement of our services: Total satisfaction of our clients".