Areas of Practice

STB intervenes in different types of building and structures and on different scales.

Rehabilitation is an activity that demands a high degree of specialisation and also implies the control of techniques that aren't usually used in regular construction. Therefore, we have working teams with know-how in technologies and products used in Rehabilitation, so they can act with competence, detail and dynamism, and guarantee the quality of the work.

On the other hand, the monitoring of the interventions by properly qualified technicians will guarantee the accomplishment of everything that has been previously defined in the Project and also the efficient resolution of problems that could result from the differences between what was originally predicted and the reality, this is a fundamental aspect for all interventions of this kind.

Overall, the activity that STB develops goes from the INSPECTION to the REHABILITATION OF BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES. The INSTALLATION OF JOINTS is frequent in interventions (many of them for rehabilitation) in bridges and in other types of reinforced concrete structures. INDUSTRIAL PAINTING, besides providing an aesthetic finishing, assures an efficient protection for the structures against environmental aggression, and furthermore promotes their durability.